Thursday, February 3, 2011

HotPink Love

Girlies wanted chocolate cupcakes. I was going to make these cute cupcake love monsters for the monsters I love... we have all been snowed in together all week...

I had the cupcakes in the oven, made my favorite way - in jumbo cupcake paper, butter for oil, and milk for water - and I was working on the icing.

I normally buy 1lb boxes of powder sugar because then I don't have to measure it. I find that powder sugar is hard to measure. Is it compact enough? Is it too compact? Should I go by weight? It's just easier to buy the 1lb box and be done with it.

Last time I bought ingredients the store (target) only had 2lb bags. I bought just one so that I could make the cake... it's much easier to correct icing that has too much PS.

So what I had in the bag SHOULD have been the leftover 1lb. But the icing did not come out right, I even had my girlies taste it and they said "just not right." Totally not enough sugar... and no possibility of getting more anytime soon... as the roads are sheets of ice.

Cake is cake and we can eat it without topping... but I was looking forward to doing something pink.

Fortunately I'm all stocked up on Candy Melts and Candy Melts Coloring and just coincidentally had heavy cream on hand. So I made hot pink ganache. LOVE IT! The vanilla flavor is really nice and my youngest girlie says she likes it better than buttercream.

I love the added... crunch?... of nonpariels, so we sprinkled liberally. I think everyone should keep these white nonpariels on hand as a staple in the baking pantry. We also added a cute heart sprinkle in the middle of each cupcake... mmmm, these are edible but not yummy. Not something my girlies will try to sneak while I'm baking.

So, I'll make the love monsters on Saturday or Sunday. These Pink Loves should go like HOT cakes :)

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