Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cocktail Balls

Finally Wilton has changed their home page... I am a little over Christmas cakes. They are now pushing cake balls... which is totally not as fun as the featured idea in the middle of the page, Cocktail Balls.

Kill Me Now. My life is complete. I am too immature to handle/pass up the chance to make a food called Cocktail Balls. These non-alcohol treats will be delivered to the office on Tuesday.

Photos to come (when I've actually made them).

So please, join me for Cocktail Balls on Tuesday (they will be labeled as cocktail bon-bons at the office.)

Te to the he.

Let's see how close to Wilton's picture I can hit, here's the goal:

Happy New Year!

2011, officially the year of amusements.

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