Monday, December 27, 2010

33 and 5 and 1 to grow on...

December has been busy! Lots of baking but not lots o' blogging.

Note: What cha' missed...

1. Totally exciting news! First official "I don't know this person" cupcake request. Easy breezy half chocolate and half white with buttercream icing. I used this as a time experiment, exactly 1.5 hours to bake, decorate, and deliver 36 cupcakes (12 stayed home).

2. Soccer ball Christmas party for Karen's girlie. Chocolate soccer ball in white and red AND 36 sugar cookies to decorate. 18 snowmen and 18 gingermen.

3. Eggnog cupcakes. My b-in-law and I were at the store getting some last minute Christmas eve needs for Gorgeous. We decided I definitely needed to make some cupcakes (a dangerous move to make in G's kitchen on Christmas eve... but we are sly!) The doorbell rang just as Gorgeous took the last dish out of the oven, we had a solid 5 min distraction and the oven set at the right temp! Bwa-ha-ha-ha. Made the eggnog-cream cheese icing after dinner and voila!

Now that you're all caught up... 33 and 5. Two birthdays in December; my sister turned 33 and her oldest girlie turned 5.

My sister is a much more disciplined diner than I am... or anyone I know. She said to make whatever cake everyone else would like because she probably wouldn't have any... So I made what I (that's a capital I for emphasis, not for grammar) wanted: angel cupcakes!

Yummers! Even my sister could not resist the evil draw of angel cupcakes...

And who could resist the candles I found on clearance... (The "33" didn't come with the set...tehe... it came with a "1st")

For my niece's birthday, her actual birthday, we decided to celebrate princess style. At her party earlier we celebrated P-Leia style and now we'll celebrate Purple Princess style!

My niece is 34 going on 5. It's very hard to remember she's a child when you are speaking with her because she is SUPER smart. But she really IS a child... she just has an SAT vocabulary that is off the chart. Anywho... she loves purple.

My original plan had been to create a purple princess in the wonder-mold (yes, by Wilton) and then 4 mini princesses in the mini wonder-mold (yes, also by Wilton). Chocolate for the main princess and white for the mini princesses... Chocolate dress was cooling and I was half way through mixing the white cake when I fell one. egg. short. Coulda really used a "baker's dozen" here. No mini princesses.

I wish I'd taken a picture of how the cake baked... not even. Anyway, we had a short princess by the time I leveled the cake. I played this very safe. No fancy icing, just some "flower petals" for ruffles and pearls for the bodice.

My youngest girlie has asked for one for her birthday... So I'll count it as a success.

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