Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Pie?

Our family always has pies on Thanksgiving. Chocolate pudding pie is mandatory, usually pumpkin too, sometimes apple and sometimes pecan - but never cake.

Of coarse, I'm not crazy for pies; I'm crazy for cakes.

I made my angel cupcakes with a fall flair. Too cute(!)... from a distance. What you can't see is that I decided to experiment with gold dust. UG! Dust should only be used with a brush, not sprinkled. It's not a sprinkling decoration. To try and balance it out I added silver dust... which seriously looks like mold when not done right.

My sister: Does this cupcake have MOLD on it?
Me: No, I was experimenting with dust.

So between the gold and mold factors I felt I should "package" them a bit, LOVE IT! Putting ribbon on was much more difficult than it looks but I really like the effect.

There was some debate about the cake being dry. Gorgeous thinks it was dry, but still good. I think I'll just start pouring condensed milk over Gorgeous' servings. :)

Happy days!

Note: Isn't the picture great? My sister took it... I really need to get a camera.

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