Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cupcake Cuties

Had a great baking weekend! Really love how my two cupcake batches turned out.

For my niece, and of coarse my girlies, I made white angel cupcakes. Heavenly. Seriously, if I were going to a heaven themed party I would bring these puppies.

White cake box, milk and butter instead of oil and water; powder sugar glaze; buttercream icing; and Sugar Pearls.

I only had halloween cupcake liners or extra large cupcake liners, I also only have a mini muffin pan or a regular cupcake pan. I ended up using the extra large cupcake liners in the regular muffin pan... I wish I had taken a picture of how silly they looked, will next time.

Anyway, this is now my preferred way to make cupcakes! I love that the cupcakes are tall and elegant. So, here's how I layer... directly on top of the cupcake is a thin layer of glaze, then a twirl of buttercream and a sprinkle of pearls:

Note: before next weekend I am going to devise a way to take better pictures. The loveliness of the cupcakes don't come across. Plus I hate the color of my countertops and so I have been trying to use paper towels as a background. Time to step it up.

The second batch of cupcakes I made for a co-worker who is always helping me out... always... way more than I should need. Anyway, she wanted lemon cupcakes.

Lemon box, milk and butter for oil and water; lemon filling; lemon buttercream icing; yellow sprinkles.

I didn't cook my lemon filling long enough, so it was a little to liquidy (technical term.) I have also decided that one should only use two of the three lemon components. All three together are a little overpowering. But still good.

Note: I love a good zest. Adds great flavor to the dessert and has the bonus appeal of a fresh scent in the kitchen. You just can't bottle that fresh scent. May start randomly zesting.

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