Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 lbs of buttercream and a Ho Ho Ho later...

It's 70 degrees outside and my girlies keep trying to wear shorts and flip-flops even though I have told them it doesn't matter if it is 100 outside, it's December and we're going to dress like it!

All this drama while creating Santa and Sir Elf... 2 of my 10 lbs of buttercream needed to be red for their hats. I usually just use Wilton's tubed red icing when I need it for accents, but I needed a LOT of red for for this project and I wanted it to taste good. I put a whole container of red into the buttercream, and it looked pink... but it was going to have to do. I had read on another blog to let the colored buttercream set because the color would continue to change and it did! I ended up having a nice red for the hats.

I had way more fun with Santa, I loved piping his beard. And I used the "grass" tip to put some texture on their hats. I'm still not good at smoothing buttercream... The Elf was supposed to be smooth buttercream, instead he looks like he suffered from severe acne as a teen elf (I see a Christmas movie here...)

We're bringing in the season with butter and sugar. In icing alone, 5 lbs of powder sugar and 5 lbs of butter. Wowsa!

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  1. Some of the other blogs I read say they will only use Americolor. Since I didn't have any food coloring, I bought a little starter pack to make cupcakes for Kara's birthday and it only took a few drops of each color to get the desired effect. I haven't used Wilton so I can't tell you how it compares.