Thursday, December 9, 2010

Secret Santa

My week started out a "bit" rocky... and in the middle of these rocky waves of nerves a Secret Santa brought me the most beautifully wrapped tower of Wilton wonders. My friends in the OP are the BEST Secret Santas EVER! I wish I had taken a picture before ripping into the gift... but I didn't, I was too excited.

I decided to bake them a thank you cake.

Cake 1 (monday night) cratered. I would have taken a picture, but it looks just like this one. I don't know what the deal is. Sometimes the white cake just gives up on me... I might start suspecting my girlies, who are the ones to gain in this situation.

Cake 2 (tuesday night)... my rocky week was starting to smooth out so I was up for another go and I made a chocolate cake. Great bake although it did rise a good 2 inches over the pan, perfectly flat, just high. So I took my wire and and cut the overage,which my children also enjoyed, and set my alarm to decorate it in the morning before work.

I had grand decorating plans. Yellow icing, pink flowers on top and white flowers around the bottom.


Grand plans gone. Need new plan. Need new plan fast. Need new plan before my kitchen aid is done mixing my buttercream icing!

Needless to say, my decorating was a bit organic.

I did use a new tool, the decorating triangle, to make the lines around the cake. It was fun, and the girlies thought it was cool, but I definitely need to practice. A star here, a scallop there, sprinkle with candy pearls... and the no-plan cake is done. It looked cuter than it does in the picture... or maybe it just smelled so good it didn't matter.

Anyway, the cake was well received and OP sent the best note back. The highlight of the note, "If an urge should overcome you to indulge us once again with another of your baked masterpieces, please know we would certainly welcome it with open mouths."

Ahhh, words to make my little baker heart pitter-patter!

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