Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo hoo; add sprinkles

Last weekend in October to try any halloween decorating. I saw these really cute ghost cupcakes made with fondant. I haven't worked with fondant yet (and am intimidated) so decided to use a glaze.

Glazing is pretty easy, you just mix and pour... I assumed that the glaze would smooth over any bumps and dips in the buttercream but it just accentuated them. Since I was doing cupcakes I was able to practice, adjust, practice, adjust. It's all about the learning curve.

My ghosts were sad and lumpy put instead of boo hoo-ing I added crystal sprinkles. I think this will be my icing-fiasco solution from now on, if nothing else, my daughters will be dazzled.

Add easy faces and we're ready to go haunt my sister's house.

The glaze was de-li-cious!

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