Saturday, October 2, 2010

After Jamboree!

So, when I came back from Jamboree I was soooo tired! But after a short recovery time I was ready to pick up the mixer again.

As I've continued to decorate, the taste of the cake has become more important to me. It doesn't matter how good (or not) a cake looks if it doesn't taste good. It's more likely that people will chow down on a cake that's yummy than one that's just pretty.

My first carrot cake: I just used a box without adding or changing the ingredients at all, so the cake wasn't anything special but it was still good. This was my first time to make/use cream cheese icing. It was much softer than butter cream and I had to race against a melting cake. It was really fun to make the carrots, and exciting to use new tips!

**Side note: The teenager running the register at the grocery store looked at the items I was purchasing (cream cheese, powder sugar, butter...) and asked if I was making cream cheese icing from scratch. When I said yes, she said "You are my hero"... everyone loves homemade icing!**

The next weekend I decided to take the carrot cake up a notch! I added coconut, pecans, carrot matchsticks, and raisins to the box. I also exchanged butter for the oil and milk for the water called for on the box. Wowsa! This cake was IMPOSSIBLE to cut. Needed an electric knife... not really, but you did have to really work the knife to cut through all the extra ingredients. But it was well worth it! The cake was really good! (I also put carrots "growing out of the ground" around the bottom of the cake. Cute?!

This same weekend I really wanted to try making a filling. I l-o-v-e raspberries. Wilton has a yummy sounding raspberry filling recipe... so, yes I DID make two cakes. I decided to make a chocolate raspberry cake with chocolate buttercream. This was a really good cake. I exchanged b for o (butter for oil) and chocolate milk for water. This cake tasted like chocolate milk! I decided, against Gorgeous' gut, to put fresh raspberries on top...

Ok, 2 cakes in 1 weekend?!? Yes, I am C-R-A-Z-Y! But I was proud of both of them :)

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