Saturday, October 2, 2010

A ZEST for life!

Usually I ignore the "zest" ingredient in a recipe. How much can it add, really? Well, so much zest was called for in the Lemon Heaven and Margarita cakes that I had to suck it up and learn to zest.

Before I went shopping to get a zester I went and got my nails done. They always have the tv on a cooking channel. Coincidentally, the show on was talking about zesting. There are two kinds of zesters, apparently. One is a grating and one is more of a peeling. (This is what I have surmised, so I could totally be wrong.) Anyway, I could only find a peeling zester. But it worked... and made a huge difference in the taste of the cake and icing. So, note to self, don't blow-off the zest ingredient.

The zest of the lemon and lime filled my kitchen with such a great tangy sent. I might start zesting just for that reason.

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