Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lemon Heaven and Margaritaville...

Last weekend I went with two recipes. Both were failures... and successes.

Margarita cupcakes: got this recipe online, it sounded really good. I must have done something wrong because the cupcakes came out really spongy. I'm very new to the baking game and probably didn't add the 4 oz of tequila correctly. The icing though... going to be one of my favorites for all time. It's a cream cheese icing with a tang of lime... to-die-for!

If you hopped on the link above you saw (someone else's) cute cupcakes. But, as Gorgeous warns me against, I tried to be too creative. Who want's to do a cupcake with icing on top when they could do an upside down cupcake with lime icing as the filling with a nice light green vanilla ganache... apparently, me. In my mind this was going to be delicious and beautiful... reality fell a bit short...

My light green ganache turned out more frankengreen... and vanilla ganache is not as forgiving as chocolate. I deemed this cake edible enough to take to work... and they were all eaten.

This same weekend I made a lemon cake with lemon filling covered in vanilla ganache. I was going for a petifor look... so I baked the cake in a square pan, cut into two layers, and filled with lemon filling. The cake was SO moist, I used a lemon box cake using heavy cream instead of water and butter instead of oil.

Everything was going so well! I cut the cake into 2 inch squares, prepared the vanilla ganache, and started pouring on the cake. There is a reason they tell you to cover your cake lightly in buttercream before ganaching. My lemon squares were NOT pretty. I was so discouraged I didn't even take a picture. But then I tasted them...

**Side note: I don't eat any of my cakes. I taste them. I enjoy the process, but I don't need the calories. So, I have a very small bite of my cakes, to make sure they are edible, and that is enough for me.**

I. ate. a. whole. piece. It was heaven. The vanilla ganache had soaked mildly into the lemon cake. Heaven. I'll post a picture the next time I make it. Because no matter how it looked, I will make it the exact same way.

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