Sunday, October 17, 2010

My first birthday cake!

Okay, so in my secret daydream I get to make cakes all the time and enter crazy cake competitions and win thousands of dollars, just for fun!

Dial down to reality, I'm still learning to work with buttercream, so it was really exciting when a co-worker asked if I thought I could make this cave cake. Looks easy, no problem.

Gorgeous thought I was crazy! (note that I do not deny any crazieness) She said that "no cake is as easy as it looks"...

But is was very easy! The mom who created the cake left great instructions. 'Coarse, she made meringue cookies for the boulders... did I spell meringue right?... and I just put globs of icing for the boulders... I DID take it up a notch with my totally edible candy signs "cave" and "bats"... Not to mention my candy-colored-white-haired Luke Skywalker figurine!

Can you see the yellow bat eyes in the black darkness of the cave?!

Chocolate bundt cake, cut and twisted. Buttercream icing. Quick chocolate powder. Candy melt signs. Brills!

Last note: I did some google searches for "cave cakes"... kept running into images of cave STALAGMITES... which are natures wedding cakes... they are beautiful, but I bet even mine taste better.

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