Sunday, October 17, 2010

I vant to drink your bloooood!


My brother-in-law requested a swirl cake... I assumed you had to take a chocolate cake and a white cake and mix it together... but Duncan Hines (or probably any other cake box brand) does it all for you!

Not so easy in my favorite 8x3 in round cake pan. It was more a yellow/fudge mud cake... but the flavors he wanted were there. I definatly need to practice my swirling technique.

Regardless of what cake flavor I baked this weekend I was determined to create a halloween themed cake. I really have been wanting to make the hair-raising cake, but don't have the pan (or the cake carrier) to get it done. I've thought about modifying the cake decor to one that will fit my cake pan/carrier, but will need more energy to do so. For some reason, I had enough energy to modify UP... and created a cake version of toothy grin.... plus some bloooood!

I'm pretty satisfied with my bloody gift to my sista's hubby:

As a side note, after taking this picture with the camera on my computer, I TOTALLY crashed into the side of the cake. Green icing + mac book= freaked-out-baker! Cleaned up the computer and patched up the cake... we will pretend nothing ever happened.

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