Saturday, October 2, 2010

Leftover Raspberry Filling...

How long can one keep raspberry (or any) filling? Can you freeze it? I just don't know! I was NOT up to making a whole cake this weekend. 2 cakes the weekend before had worn me out.... but I didn't want the raspberry filling (or the money spent) to go to waste.

S0000 upside-down chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling covered in chocolate ganache. Two things working here, I get to work with the cupcake filler tip AND I'm desperate to work with ganache. Wilton's website (special spot on my bookmark bar) has a shortcut to ganach: 1 bag of candy melts and 1/2 cup whipped cream. This should be easy!

Confession: I always thought that if a cake had something (filling) IN it then it was cooked that way. I had NO idea that if you wanted to fill your cupcakes with a delicious fruity filly that you did it AFTER they were cooked.

Off to the store for cupcake sheet (I only have a mini one). I'll do a supplies blog later, but you might have picked up on my devotion to Wilton. Mainly this comes from Gorgeous, she has made me a brand-loyal baker. On this particular Saturday, after going to 3 stores and no Wilton cupcake pan insight, I had to buy another brand. It works fine... but doesn't have the Wilton force. (This would be like the Jedi force but for baking.)

Okay, back to the oven... Chocolate cake mix (with chocolate milk for water and butter for oil) cupcakes are out of the oven. They cool quickly and I start filling. FILLING IS SO FUN! The little cupcakes just plump up... living on the edge hoping they don't burst!

Next... the chocolate ganache. What a horror story! 1st attempt: "I can just melt these candy melts and pour them right on the cupcakes"... wrong, way wrong. THEN I read the directions. Ahhhh.... heat 1/2 cup cream and ADD the candy melts.

I poured and then melted red candy melts to add some swishes (very technical baking term):

These were a BIG hit at the office. No messy cutting, personal size, yummy, and pretty. Last one gone at 10:00 am!

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