Saturday, October 2, 2010

My first class - backstory

So, in July of 2010 I took my first Wilton decorating class... actually at the time of writing this entry it is still the only class I've taken... anyway, I took this class with my mom and my two sisters. My mom, Gorgeous, caught the decorating bug with me and we enjoy baking together on the weekends. Sarah and Siobain enjoyed the class but aren't instantly addicted... but Sarah has to young girlies at home and Siobain is about to pop with her first baby, so there's time for them to become addicted.

The Wilton class was every Thursday for the month of July, I only made it to the first two classes because I have a great job and was at the BSA 100th Anniversary Scout Jamboree at the end of July. But Gorgeous has caught me up... So I guess I've really only taken half of a decorator's class... which explains a lot!

In this class we learned how to make buttercream icing, how to color it, how to cover the cake, and the use of several decorating tips.

From Gorgeous I learned how to make the cake moist (keep it covered with the pan for 12 hrs) and how buttercream SHOULD taste (totally use butter! crisco is NOT a yummy alternative).

My very first cake, came out of the pan:

So it's true, you CAN save any cake with buttercream:

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