Monday, October 11, 2010

Romantic Raspberries...

And by romantic I mean... covered in chocolate.

I had a couple of misses in the last few weeks. So I went back to the recipe that seems to work for me, chocolate raspberry cake... Plus, it's what my co-worker, Keith, asked for.

As Gorgeous will tell you, I can't just leave "good" alone. I decided to do a 3 layer cake this time, I have only done two layer cakes so far. I baked my cake, chocolate box with cream for water and butter for oil, and it came out perfect! So far so good! I let it cool overnight while my girlies and I had a slumber party with Gorgeous. Okay, I'm stalling because what happened next is kinda stupid...

I actually took out a ruler and measured the height of my cake. I wanted three precise levels. Then I took my nifty cake leveler and cut the bottom layer... I had NOT adjusted for the height of the cake board! So my bottom layer was WAY to short. Who would have thought that the thickness of a cake board would make such a difference, probably someone who would think to factor it in.

Decision time: 1. Have 3 extremely different layers, or 2. Attempt 4 even layers. I went with option 2... didn't work out so well...

I could have attempted to even out the 2nd layer (from the bottom) but at this point I was afraid there would be more filling than cake.

I covered the cake in chocolate buttercream icing and until it is cut I will pretend that underneath that buttercream is a perfectly layer cake.

THEN I covered the chocolate buttercream with chocolate ganache! I tried pouring it, hoping for a nice evenly dripped cover... it's more like a poured mess. But a CHOCOLATE poured mess, which makes all the difference in the world.

I had also played with candy melt and put a heart on top and raspberries around the bottom. All in all I think this cake is a success, but won't know until tomorrow when it is sliced and tasted.

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